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Bible Missions, Inc is a nondenominational evangelistic Christian organization. It provides spiritual hope and physical aid to people in need. Our goal is to show the love of God and to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Us


David was a boy of nine and weighed only 55 pounds when he was announced to preach for the first time. At that time he was called "Little David" and that is a name that he has been known by from that day until this present day.

David was born in Phoenix, AZ on Sept 20, 1934. He has experienced three amazing miracles in his life. At age five after an infection took his sight, he was totally healed of blindness. At the age of nine he was transported by a vision into Heaven for five hours; he came out of that experience as a powerful preacher! Thousands came to hear the "boy" evangelist preach the Gospel with as much wisdom and zeal as someone thirty years his elder.

Amazing miracles and supernatural manifestations accompanied "Little" David's ministry. He worked with the best known healing evangelists of the Voice of Healing organization as a young evangelist. At the age of sixteen he suffered a water accident and was pulled from the waters without signs of life. Miraculously after calling on the name of Jesus, he was restored and was able to continue his ministry. He is the boy preacher who has not quit! David has ministered in over seventy countries of the world.


Kathy is a dynamic speaker of the Word.
Her messages are faith-inspiring coming from years of believing God for the impossible. She has authored several books, including "Bread for Body and Soul" and most recently co authored with David their Life Story Book, "The Journey…..Walking with the Walkers". She is a country gospel singer and has recorded several CD's.

She is an ordained minister of the gospel and comes with an 'on the scene' knowledge of world evangelism. She delivers her messages with a unique humor and a genuine love for those she speaks to. She holds a BA degree in Bible from Zion Bible Institute in Barrington, RI. Kathy is the mother of three grown children, who are all active in the work of the Lord and is the grandmother of five.

Most of all, if you would ask her how she wants to be introduced and known, she would tell you "I am a soul winner"

Tribute From the Walker's Children

So… wow, how lucky we Walker children are to be able to reflect back on the journey of life which our parents have taken. Not only have they been the leaders on this ride, but they gave us a ticket to be part of the expedition; and this book only touches the highlights of an extraordinary voyage. Although there were times we wanted to live a "normal life," as we all expressed to our parents at various times in our childhood, we can look back on these past years and be thankful that God has let us live a "not so normal life." We always felt a part of everything they did.

There were times when Dad was preaching out of town and would drive all night so he would not miss our school activities, from basketball games to concerts or plays. He would even hit baseballs with me (Dave) until the sky would dictate it was time to come inside, even though he was preparing for a trip overseas. Mom would juggle getting us off to school while coordinating a Christmas party for Haitian children or packing goods for the needy in South America. That's just what they did- a selfless, giving example that we still struggle to live up to today.

As Christy remembers, Dad and Mom lived what they preached, and they still do. They taught us to live our lives with integrity. They also created within us a strong sense of family, for which I am grateful.

As Dave recalls, this example has helped me with my precious wife and children. I now know what it is like to be on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles and then have to participate in the kid's school activities the morning I arrive home. My parents have been together for over fifty years and have truly shown each of us what it is like to work together as a team.

As Cindy reflects on being home-schooled when home schooling wasn't cool… Mom would knock on doors in KOA campgrounds asking, "Do you know how to do geometry?" Let's just say that math is still not my strong point. But as children my age would read about the Pyramids, I literally walked through them as Dad and Mom helped make my early years an on-going field trip.

It is almost overwhelming to sit and write, with a flood of memories, as we recall jetting around San Antonio, Texas or going through villages around Santiago, Chile. We were always taught to press forward and not to worry about the things in the past, or not to worry about the future; as Mom would quickly remind us, "Don't take the ticket until you have to get on the train." It's been a blessing to remember our parents' lives and the things that they have and are still accomplishing. We remember it all with fondness, a broad smile, and even a few tears. We know God will say "Well done, my good and faithful servants."

We hope you have enjoyed reading and coming on board with Mom and Dad as they climbed up the hills and mountains of life as well as traveled through the valleys. God has had his hand upon them and we were able to witness this during our part of the Journey.

As we come to the end of our tribute, we would like to say to all the pastors and partners throughout the years who have supported and been a vital part of "Little David" and Kathy in ministry, your prayers and financial contributions have not been wasted. Thank you for joining us along this vast mission. We can't wait for the next chapter in our parents' lives, as we know, without a doubt, that whatever they do will be done for the glory of God.

We would like to say "thank you" to our parents for showing us what is the greatest gift, eternal life through Jesus, as they trained us in the way that we should go. We have not departed from it, and for that we have been blessed beyond measure.

Christy Walker Gisinger
David D. Walker Jr.
Cindy Walker Corl