Israel and the Middle East

The Journey: Walking with the Walkers

This is the inspiring story and intimate look into the lives of the Walkers, missionary evangelists to the world. You will both laugh and cry David and Kathy share good times and bad; you will laugh and cry at their adventures at home and away, and share their trials and triumphs of raising children as they traveled. It didn't matter where they were if they were together, making a difference for others, and following the Lord. Their stories show that God is our anchor, even in the worst storms of life, and He has a plan for everyone.

David's stories about his evangelist parents and his vision of heaven in which God called him to preach the gospel are fascinating. "Little David" gave his first sermon at age nine and has followed God in total faith and obedience, even through very difficult and dangerous experiences, including blindness and a near-fatal water accident.

As a boy David preached for years in crusades, in the USA and overseas. Later, he met and married Kathy, and they raised three loving children while traveling the world in evangelism.

The Walkers met leaders of nations, delivered Bibles into dark corners of the world, and prayed with countless souls whose language they did not speak. Before thousands or just one person, they shared God's love and plan of salvation.

They have opened their hearts to share long-buried precious memories that testify to the goodness and greatness of God.

Now, join the Walkers and be inspired as you journey with them.